My background is in PR and Marketing in the exciting world of fashion, health, beauty and travel representing both national and international clients. At the same time I always loved looking at things ‘outside of the box’ and learning new skills. I took many courses looking at the holistic world and found my passion in learning about how important our past experiences are in shaping who we are. More importantly I learnt it is never too late to let go and move on. We only have the present moment yet many people live in the past or worry about the future. A really good analogy I learnt was that if you are driving a car and the left mirror represents the past and the right mirror represents the future if you look too long in either you will crash.

I studied as a coach with Sue Stone, Animal Communication with James French and various forms of healing but it is the emotional area that most fascinates me as I believe this the root of all our health and wellness issues.

In 2010 I suffered my ‘annus horribils’ when my 20 year old step daughter was killed in a ‘hit and run’ while my mother was in hospital with cancer. Then 6 month’s later my mother died and we had to deal with the funeral, probate and then a court case with the driver of the car that killed my step-daughter. I went into ‘frozen mode’ – a way that the body protects itself from pain – my favourite mantra at that time was ‘what’s the point’. I then found it very difficult to ‘unfreeze’ but gradually over time I found ways to do this.

One of the most important parts of this recovery was when I partnered with doTerra the leading essential oil company who sell the best quality oils you can find on the planet. The sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive and immediate than other senses which is why they are so beneficial to emotional issues. And finally I was able to let go of the past and move into a positive, happy and healthy life. In turn this affected other people in my world particularly my husband who also uses and loves the oils in his coming to terms with the loss of his daughter.

So I am now passionate about sharing what I have learnt with other people so they can benefit in the same way as I have. I love communicating with people and would love to help you too. I look forward to meeting you whether on-line in person. If you are looking to buy essential oils online then please do get in touch.