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How you feel is everything – if you
feel bad things go wrong and when
you feel good life flows beautifully and you feel happy, positive and peaceful

I specialise in helping people to feel the best they
can and my mission is to guide people to empower
themselves so they can live their best possible life
– think of me as a well-being sat nav to feeling

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About Feeling Gorgeous 

Are you feeling stuck, sad, depressed, unhappy or have low self-esteem and want some guidance as to which way to go?

I use my coaching skills together with doTerra essential oils to help shift you into a new you.  Together we will explore the positive parts of you and look at being grateful for all you have rather focussing on bad past experiences.    I will show you how to let go of those negative feelings that are holding you back and creating the blocks.

Essential oils work on both the emotional and physical parts of you and are therefore a great tool to help support you and shift you into a more positive place so you can create healthy peaceful and happy life.

I can also advise on how to de-clutter your home which is an important part of clearing your blocks.  Your home is your sanctuary and if it is cluttered it will drag you down and stop you moving forward.     Clearing your home will help you feel better about life and enable you to see a clear path forward to a happier healthier house and a healthier happier you.   I work in a sensitive way when helping you clear as obviously many items can have sentimental meaning and you may not be ready to let go of certain things. It’s all about balance and I can help you find that.

To complete the picture I am a qualified animal communicator who can help you learn more about the with pets you share your home with. They play a major part in your life giving you unconditional love and are very sensitive to what is going on in their surroundings. Animals are very wise and live in the present moment and unusual behavior may be an issue they have but can often be a reflection of something that is going on with you.     

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I run regular classes and workshops teaching you about the power of essential oils and how they can help with your health and wellbeing. I also attend various exhibitions and fairs throughout the year.



“Annette has a unique way of making you feel very safe and comfortable in a coaching session. She works in a very intuitive way with humour and has insights into how to help you make changes in your life without judgement and make plans which are achievable and manageable without overwhelm. I recommend her highly for anyone wishing to have an emotional and practical ‘life laundry’. Whether small or large changes are needed, Annette will give you the motivation to achieve your objectives and enjoy it!”

Anne Fleming