Why I love Network Marketing

I have been involved in network marketing or multi-level marketing for many years and currently have a residual monthly income from one company albeit I am not working actively in it. Therefore I know it works.

So what is network marketing. A company’s products are marketed and sold through independent consultants who are self employed which means they do not need a budget for a sales and marketing team in house.; the company uses this to pay the consultants who work for them. You find other business builders who work with you in a team.

Many people want to run their own businesses and this is a great way to start as long as you are realistic and treat it as a business rather than a hobby. Listen carefully to the people who introduced you and do the free trainings offered. Most importantly choose a product you feel passionate about, use it and get to know much as you can about it.

If you take out a franchise it can cost your thousands. Network marketing costs very little to get into. For example with doTerra you can actually get an account for as little was £24 and a commitment of about £100 a month which you can begin to get back immediately by sharing the products. They also offer a lot of free products by collecting points like a nectar card for purchases made and you get the postage back in free points too.

To be successful at any business you need confidence in yourself so personal development is a big part of what you need to work on. There is so much help in network marketing completely different to corporate companies. Basically if the people in your team below you do well so do you – its a win win situation. Also there is no age limit – however old you are you can join – I know of one lady of 81 who is in network marketing and loving it – its keeping her young!

Its also important to find the right company for you that has the same ethics. So why did I pick doTerra? – basically I loved the oils and knew instinctively when I saw them that I wanted to work with them and this has never wavered – in fact it got better as I learnt more about the company who have the biggest heart.

The seven founders all mortgaged their own homes to start doTerra and today are debt free. Their mission is to help others and they certainly do that. The oils are sourced from all around the world and they employ local growers and set them up in distilleries so they have regular jobs and can feed their families – called co-impact sourcing. Here is a short video about it. A lot of the sourcing countries are in third world so they really are helping where it matters most. When you buy an oil you not only help yourself but you help others all down the line – a win win scenario.

Emily Wright one of the founders with a lady in India

In addition doTerra have a charity arm called Healing Hands Foundation which gives money to different projects throughout the world. One I have personally got involved with is Home for All where I volunteered last March. Here is a previous blog I wrote about my experiences.

doTerra also do match-funding i.e. if as a consultant you find a charity you would like to help, if you raise a certain sum they will match it. This year I’m going to do just that – working with Adventure Ashram to raise money for helping sex trafficked boys and girls. Watch this space for more blogs!

So if you think this sounds interesting and would like to know more do get in touch and I’ll give you more details. annette@feelinggorgeous.co.uk

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