When times look dark

We’re living in turbulent times – all very unsettling not knowing where we are going and feeling insecure or even stuck. Brexit, the election and living with our own problems whether personal or family, its easy to jump on the bandwagon of fear and sadness . It doesn’t help with so many people on social media who seem to be very angry and take it out on others or you see others who always seem to be happy and have everything.

Two Special Angels

Combined with Christmas coming up when many people feel stressed and alone with no family or feeling sad missing people who are no longer with us, it very difficult. I felt very much like this after my mother died and everything changed. No longer was she the pivot of our family and with no children of our own Christmas was a lonely time. So we went abroad for many years but this year we are staying here and I’m looking forward to it. A lovely friend has asked us to join her family for Christmas Day and there are lots of parties to go to. So I’m embracing it and for the first time in years am putting up a Christmas tree and getting into the Spirit of Christmas. Being grateful and seeing the joy in things helps to raise your vibration which then helps you to feel happier and deal with all the negativity.

I’m finding ways to cope with the fear factor around me too. I imagine myself as a light and beam out the darkness around me. If I start feeling at the top of a slide of letting sadness or fear overtake me I STOP (being the operative word) and do something I love – cuddle the cat, read a book, chat to a friend, read a self help book – anything to stop my thoughts sliding down to sadness and fear. I also have a very sick friend who I am supporting and this tip really helps so I can truly support and help her without falling apart which is the last thing she needs. Generally I stop talking about sad things that happened in the past and try and live in the present – but I’m a work in progress on that one!

Brevi diffuser and Holiday Peace – the ideal Christmas gift

Lastly I know that I always go on about them but my essential oils really help. In a diffuser with a relaxing and uplifting oil such as Citrus Bliss or Ylang Ylang really makes a big difference to how I feel. Or if I’m feeling upset I use a grounding oil like Holiday Peace which is a combination of tree oils or Holiday Joy which is cinnamon and clove smells which truly bring the atmosphere of Christmas.

Holiday Joy

Off now to decorate the tree. Happy Christmas to everyone. xx


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