Time Flies but you’re the Pilot


I’ve been so busy over the last couple of months and when I looked at the last blog I did it was August – almost 2 months ago!    Since then I’ve had another birthday and can’t believe how old I am but then again age is just a number and its all about how you see it.   Its easy to use age as an excuse and you can talk yourself into being ill if you’re not careful.

Not sure where the time goes and as I get older it seems to go faster – does anyone else feel that? I found a really good quote ‘time flies but you are the pilot’ which really is the key.   I remember when I first met my husband over 30 years ago now, I thought how calm and grounding he was.  He is a Capricorn and I’m a Libra so of course earth and air!   Sometimes very annoying (for both of us!) but over the years we’ve helped each other – he grounds me and I lift him up!    His brother is a buddhist and Will has a similar energy and when I first knew him we would go out for lunch and I’d feel I’d been with him at least a day when it was only a couple of hours.  So maybe the answer is to be more grounded like him.    I have to say I do find it difficult as I’ve always been very good at juggling lots of things.  For example I used to work in a PR agency in London and was great at spinning the client plates all at the same time.  The downside is that its hard to sit still and you can end up feeling on a bit of a treadmill.  My lovely boss Erika used to say we often felt like hamsters on a wheel and she was right!

So maybe its a question of looking for tools that you can use to shift things.   Certainly essential oils have made a big difference to me – I use doTerra’s Balance blend on the soles of my feet and temples. This blend contains a selection of tree oils and therefore very grounding and there are many more to choose from to deal with any emotion that you have and I use them on a daily basis either in a diffuser, topically or internally.  Keeping a positive mindset has a direct correlation on your health and therefore so important.   Exercise too is important including  walking in nature and recently I’ve discovered studio cycling is very clearing for me I just visualise letting go of any negative thoughts  as I cycle along!   So its about finding what is good for you and helps you feel good.

It is possible to re-train the brain often from past experiences that have caused a trauma.  We are all products of the experiences we have been through and what we have learnt from parents and teachers and these behaviours and thoughts  become automatic and part of our subconscious mind.   I trained at the Sue Stone Foundation and one of the analogies that Sue taught us was “Imagine you have a big field with long grass ahead of you.  You always walk from that corner to that corner  the path is very defined and is the path everyone takes.  At the beginning its hard to make your way through the long grass as you are trying to create a new pathway.  But the more you practice it and the more you take that path the easier it becomes as the path gets more defined.  After no time at all it will be easy, the path will be totally defined and you won’t have to put any effort into doing it.  You are now creating new neural pathways in the brain.”

I have also found NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to be very helpful.  I have had a couple of very productive sessions with my friend Sara Cragg whose runs Mindkixx  and she helped me dig deep into my subconscious to find out what was hidden there – it was very enlightening!

Another way to ‘be the pilot’ and  stop time rushing so fast is to live in the present moment.  Really enjoy what you are doing whatever it is and focus on the moments. This is being mindful and really slows down time.  Also appreciate all you have and be grateful on a daily basis and find ways to get into the subconscious mind that is sabotaging your success and happiness.

Good luck!








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