There are many ways to use Essential Oils and this month’s workshops at Meadows Wellbeing in Billingshurst will be giving you the chance to try some of these ideas.

Dates for September–  Every Wednesday Evening 7.30-9pm

2nd  Make your own Aromatherapy bracelet – made with crystals and lava beads the bracelets are a great way to carry the power of essential oils with you all day. Choose from a number of different crystals all of which have different benefits and match it with a charm and essential oil sample of your choice to take home. All items will be supplied for an additional £10.00 for the crystals and charms.

9th Green Cleaning  –  Did you know you can make your own green cleaning products and avoid those horrible chemicals in shop bought cleaners. These chemicals can cause problems with your health so essential oils are a great way to have a toxic free home. All items will be supplied for an additional £5.00.

16th  Essential oils for Cooking Make some essential oil power bites to take home. Learn about the health benefits that you can add to your cooking and the safety of ingesting doTerra essential oils. There will be an additional £5.00 charge for the items supplied.

23rd Beauty and Bath Products How to make your own toxic free bath bombs, body lotion. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and its so important to learn how many products have toxic chemicals that can affect your health. Essential Oils are pure and are perfect to put on your skin. There will be an additional £5.00 charge for the items supplied.

30th Essential Oils for Animals Animals also respond very well to essential oils. This workshop will tell you which oils you can use and how they can help your loved pets to be as healthy as possible.

In each workshop we will discuss where essential oils come from, how they are distilled and tested for the highest quality plus the safety of using them

Workshops are £15.00 each and limited to 6 people at the moment which will include a free essential oil sample.

Meadows Wellbeing 57 High Street, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 9FJ.

Booking – please email me at or call me on 07956 924329