These beautiful heart shape heat pillows contain wheat and when heated are ideal for soothing muscle aches and pains, joint pain or when suffering from colds and flu.  Alternatively the pillow can be chilled for soothing injuries that need a cold press and also on hot summer days to keep cool.

The heat pillows come in two parts – an outer cover that can be washed and the inner wheat filled pillow where you can add a few drops of your favourite doTerra essential oil as a great aromatic way to experience these beautiful ‘gifts of the earth’.    Available in a beautiful matching drawstring gift bag, complete with ceramic heart to which you can add an essential oil to fragrance your room or car.  Also included in this lovely gift is a 5ml bottle of doTerra Wild Orange essential oil which is perfect to calm you when stressed and is also known as the oil of abundance.  Click here to see more information on how you can use the oil.

The pillow can also be chilled in the freezer for 60 minutes and used on hot summer days to keep cool. In addition you can add Peppermint essential oil to the back of your neck as a great way to keep cool.

You can also use doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub or Deep Blue Essential Oil for any joint or muscle aches and pains and for additional relief and for sports injuries, sprains or inflammation.

Each pillow comes in a matching drawstring bag and ceramic heart which can be dotted with essential oils for use as an air freshener in the car or home.

£35.00 for heat pillow, drawstring bag and ceramic heart  plus a 5ml bottle of doTerra Wild Orange essential oil (price includes P & P)






Available in Rosebud, Blue Spot or Pink Spot.

Some doTerra essential oil suggestions for both physical and emotional support:

Lavender/Serenity for sleep and relaxation
Emotional Aromatherapy Kit of essential oil blends including Cheer,
Motivate, Passion, Console, Forgive, Peace
for stuffy noses and sinues
Peace/Wild Orange for anxiety and stress

Pillows can also be made to order in bespoke fabrics or sizes on request. or telephone 07956 924329