Are you feeling sluggish, stressed or depressed, keep getting headaches or maybe like to loose a bit of lockdown weight?

Often these problems can start in the gut which can be upset by all kinds of stress, chemicals from our environment and all the unhealthy food we eat including sugar and convenience foods.

The gut is often referred to as the second brain and Its really important to keep it as healthy as it possible as it can be the source of many illnesses. Its also the perfect time to build a strong immune system to fight all the winter bugs.

Last year I followed doTerra’s 30 day detox using their supplements and lost 11lbs and felt so much healthier with more energy – I only had one slight cold over last winter. I also have a hip problem and found a great improvement by cutting out inflammatory foods like wheat, sugar and dairy. Adding doTerra’s vitamins and minerals really helped and I have continued to take them and follow this regime as much as I can. Unfortunately I love sugar – cakes biscuits etc. but I usually pay for it afterwards by feeling sluggish and tired so I’m learning to balance and only eat them occasionally.

Like many I rather over-indulged during lockdown so I’ve decided to do another 30 day challenge again this year as have some other members of my team so we can all support each other.

We’d love you join us and if it sounds of interest we will be telling you more about it on a Zoom call on Monday 28th September at 8pm. Its free to join in so send me an email and I’ll give you the zoom link.