Are you looking for a toxic free lifestyle for your family?

Reducing toxicity in your environment is just as important as reducing toxicity in your body. Keep your home environment toxin-free by using safe natural cleaning products and look at what you are adding to your skin with the help of doTerra.

doTerra are the leading company in essential oils and there are a fast-growing number of people who see the benefits in using these ‘Gifts of the Earth’.  All their products contain organic certified therapeutic grade essential oils not tested on animals.   Whether its single oils or blends to support your health and wellness concerns, cleaning products or skincare, doTerra has created the perfect collection of products to make sure you are chemical free.

doTerra’s On Guard collection consists of washing detergent, handwash, cleaner and toothpaste.

This blend of oils includes:_

Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf and Rosemary Leaf/Flower.

On Guard protects against environmental threats and also helps support healthy immune and respiratory function, supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses and promotes healthy circulation.  Laundry Detergent comes in a small bottle that packs a punch with 10 mL of doTERRA On Guard essential oil and the ability to do up to 64 loads of laundry! It is colour safe for washable fabrics at all temperatures and is free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, and toxins, which makes it a safe choice for your family as well as the environment

Skin is the biggest organ in the body and its vital to make sure you’re not adding toxins via products that contain chemicals. This is particularly important if you have skin problems whether on the face or body and doTerra have a lovely range of chemical free products that can help.

Their beautiful Spa collection contains hand and body lotion, mud mask, body wash, body scrub, hand lotion, lip balm and moisturising bath bar.  Each product contains a selection of certified therapeutic essential oils and is safe and natural.

Its very important to  use a natural deodorant as others contain chemicals including aluminium which are absorbed by the skin have been linked to some life threatening illnesses.    doTerra’s Natural Deodorant is a natural formula infused with Cypress, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Cedarwood, and Bergamot essential oils to create an effective, odor-fighting product for both men and women. These powerful essential oils inhibit underarm odor while leaving a fresh, clean scent. Known for their skin-nourishing properties, beeswax and coconut oil make this unique formula glide on easily for a smooth application. Shea butter hydrates skin and absorbs quickly, contributing to the product’s non-greasy, light feel. doTerra Natural Deodorant is a safe, natural option for preventing odor throughout the day.

Correct-X is a multi-purpose, natural ointment helps soothe skin and keep it clean while recovering from distress. Correct-X provides a moisture barrier that helps protect while simultaneously soothing and hydrating the skin. This petroleum-free, preservative-free ointment  contains Frankincense, Helichrysum, Melaleuca, Cedarwood, and Lavender and is absorbed quickly;  it is gentle and non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

DoTerra also produce several collections of skincare including Verage,  Essential Skin Care and  range called HD Clear for problem skin naturally and safely.   Although signs of problem skin may begin in the early teens, it affects individuals of all ages, both physically and emotionally. Many individuals experience skin issues for years, trying numerous products, harsh chemicals, and abrasive treatments to obtain clear skin. doTerra has created a better way to address problem skin issues at their core—naturally and effectively. HD Clear is an advanced line of natural products that combine the power of CPTG® essential oils and plant extracts to produce the results you want and expect—clear, smooth skin.

HD Clear is a three-step system that works synergistically, with each product building on the next to thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin, and deliver optimal hydration for a balanced moisture level. Made with pure plant extracts, the ingredients in HD Clear are gentle and calming to the skin, but powerfully effective.

Using HD Clear every day will help reduce the appearance of blemishes; promote a clear, healthy complexion; and soothe the skin. HD Clear provides a natural solution for problem skin of all ages.


If you would like to know more or have a free wellness consultation to see how doTerra can help you, or you would like to join one of our themed classes including DIY toxic free products for cleaning in the home and DIY skincare, please don’t hesitate to contact:-

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