Home Is Where the Heart Is

This month I’ve been thinking a lot about homes and what they mean.   Our homes are very important and should be a safe and happy place, a foundation where you can relax and restore.

During my visit to Tanzania last November I met my sponsor child who lived in a small mud hut with 4 siblings and his mother and father. It was a tiny space but their smiles were large and their love for each other obvious.  Other sponsor children we visited were similar – some had more than others but the generosity of the people was huge and welcoming and the closeness to their family members heart-warming.

At the other end of the scale I have met people who have everything a large beautiful house, car, expensive holidays yet were never happy – in fact one was an alcoholic – the money didn’t buy happiness.

For me I started seeing life differently when my dad died.  I was 24 and his insurance policy meant that financially we were provided for and lived in a nice home with money to keep us, but the home was never the same again and neither were we – part of the heart of the home had gone.

So where is home?   I believe home IS where the heart is – inside us – being happy and at peace with our authentic self gives you a sense of security and peace that a home should do.  But how do we find our authentic self?    Its about releasing bad memories and destructive feelings that caused us pain throughout our life.  The tricky problem is that you are not always aware of these feelings as many times you may have buried unhappiness, resentment, anger etc.  into your sub-conscious and therefore not consciously aware of them.  However they are affecting how you react and behave towards others and how they treat you.

I have found in my de-cluttering work that the outside world is often a reflection of how you feel inside. So if you have problems throwing things away you can be sure you are holding onto emotional issues that need looking at.  Alternatively you can be too obsessive about tidying and that too can be a sign of control.  If you’d like to me to help you clear some of your clutter or suggest easy ways to do so please contact me annette@feelinggorgeous.co.uk

‘Home is Where the Heart Is’  is knowing who you are, finding and using your strengths and talents you have been given and most importantly your purpose in life then you will find security, strength and peace.

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