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At the end of last year I went to a doTerra event where they told us about a project called Home for All – a project in Lesvos Greece where a wonderful man and his wife Nikos and Katerina who own a restaurant on the coast, have since 2014, been helping the refugees who have escaped war and torture.

On arrival the refugees are detained at Camp Moira were they are subject to horrible conditions.  HOME gives them the chance of feeling loved and cared for and most importantly treated as human beings.  Now the restaurant has transitioned into a Greek NGO (non-Government organisation) deduced to giving refugees a break from the stresses of living inside camps and a home cooked meal served with dignity and care.

I was really keen to go and applied.  Luckily they had a cancellation and I’m now excited to be going from 3rd to 10th March.   I will be part of a team picking up people at the camp and driving them to HOME where they will receive a free meal and clothes. Then its time to play with the children while adults relax, or talk with adults and play games all together. We will also be cleaning the restaurant, kitchen, toilets, terrace and helping out at the warehouse. doTerra have been helping for several years by donating through their Healing Hands Foundation which is how I heard about this project.    You can read more at their website Home For All where there are also some videos or their facebook page.

I’m paying for my own fares but want to take some money out there to help this project continue so if you’d like to donate please do so on www.jumblebee.co.uk/homeforallLesvos1

Below is a facebook post by Katerina Nikos who with her husband runs the restaurant which is a great snapshot of what its about.

Today after many days of rain is a sunny day. People in Moria shufered all these days in the tents.
Like every day our guests, our groups from moria had lunch at home for all.
Our volunteers driving them to the restaurant and back in our vans.
Surprized we sow twenty people, families with kids, also small kids in strollers, walking to us. They walk all the way from moria camp, seven kilometers, to come to us.
We ask one of them, why you did this? For food? He answered, no, not only for food. Of course it is food, but also this is the only place we feel free, we feel normal people in a restaurant eating with our kids, walking in your terrace, under the sun, enjoy the view of the see, and all that without feeling…..refugees.
That words came as a reward for us. We know now that our decision to work out of the camps was the right thing to do. People as long as they live in a camp they can’t ever feel free, feel dignity . And this is not anyone’s fault, no matter how hard people trying to make camps better the feeling of being trapped and not free can’t ever change.
This is what we do. Why we ate here. To make the people feel that yes, there is life beyond the camp.
Yes, there is a place that they can come and feel….back home. That they can seat again with their family, eat in a nice restaurant, play with their kids in our terrace or inside in a warm place where the wooden stofa warming their bodies but we also warming their hearts.
They can feel that they are human beings and not just a problem.
Non God ever create borders. We did. We should be free to go anywhere, we ate just this planets citizens.
What we do by bringing the people at home for all beyond the delicious lunch and dinner, is that people here are not refugees any more.
And they get the love, dignity and straingth to wait more, to hope more, to understand that there is a all world out there and people care for them. And believe me, this is so important.
Our volunteers will drive them back after they get what they need from our storage, with a stronger body after good meal full of vitamins, after some relaxing hours watching the view or playing games, but also after some hours of letting everything back, finding again themselves that they lost somewhere in the camp life.
Help us to be here for them. With your donations we became the place we are. With your help we can keep going on.
Thank you.
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