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As if Home for All restaurant is not enough Nikos and Katerina have other projects in the pipeline  all of which will be a great support to the refugees in Lesvos.

You can see more info on Home for All in my earlier blogs but basically its a restaurant owned by Nikos and Katerina who have opened their doors to feed the refugees from Camp Moira to give them the chance of having a home for a day and feel more normal.


Whilst I was there volunteering Nikos took all the volunteers to see two other ‘Home’ projects in nearby Mytilene to show us what is going on.  Many refugees go to Mytilene and Nikos and Katerina wanted to provide them with a place to go and so set up Home 3  is an internet cafe where people can use the wifi and get a free drink.   As you can see it was pretty full up and very popular – a way of people feeling normal and being able to connect with their families (often elderly parents who couldn’t make the trip) back in their country.


Home 4 was in the process of being refurbished.  A brilliant space with room for an area where ladies can have a massage with doTerra essential oils and a lounge area.   The other side and the front will be a cafe with tables and chairs.


Helping with the refurbishment were a few of the refugees who Nikos likes to involve in the projects so they can feel more positive – all working together.




Also while we were there Nikos and Katerina heard that they had been asked to start a kitchen in Camp Moira to teach the refugees how to cook particularly the young single teenagers.  Now they have made it real and this week they reported back:-

We started today, first day in moria camp, cooking with the minors.
As first day we all are exited. Those kids really enjoyed this so much. They felt useful, they were so happy, so interested to learn, and really did everything very carefully, with a lot of respect to our chef and volunteers.
So the all thing worked really so good.
The minors would have the opportunity to learn how to cook and how to be helpful in a kitchen.
Like that, when they are not minors any more they can start a life by being able to work in a kitchen as they can get from our chefs a notice that they practice with us.
And as always, ……more coming.


One other thing they were in vital need of when I was there was a  new bus.   The old white ‘Dollie’ as she was called had seen better days but there was little money to have it repaired and even if they did when it was in the garage it would be several days without being able to transport the refugees from the camp.   Thankfully just today as I write this blog I heard the amazing news on Facebook that doTerra have sent ‘Home for All’ a brand new bus – so fantastic and I’m so glad to be working with this incredible company.


I’m sure they will be plenty more projects that Nikos will come up with.  His mind is always active – he never seems to get tired and together with Katerina they are true earth angels.

If you’d like to be involved in Home for All projects please feel free to ask me any questions and I can pass on the person to contact.  annette@feelinggorgeous.co.uk

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