Healthy Essential Oil Habits for Life

When I first came across essential oils I thought they were just for aromatherapy and smelling nice. DoTerra changed that. Having just got back from one of their conferences I have found out so much more about them and what they can do for our health whether its supplements or replacing toxic products with essential oil ones in our home. Not only do they relieve health challenges in a natural way without the side effects of traditional medicine, they are also great for preventative health. Now that I’m over 60 I’m determined to keep healthy for as long as I can and so am following the daily habits suggestions that doTerra have come up with.

Below is a chart which I follow and it really is a great way to ensure you can live your best life. As you can see this also includes exercise and eating right so its a really holistic approach.

If you would like me to help you build you own Healthy Habits for life plan then give me a call on 07956 924329 ore mail me on and we can fix a one-to-one.

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