Endings and Beginnings

Last weekend we had a new moon in Pisces a great  time to begin new projects;  plus of course on 20th March we had the Spring Equinox.  This is traditionally the first day of Spring when day and night are equal in length and everything is waking up and coming alive.  Its a time for us to bring into balance our light and dark and  a very good time to bring positive changes into our lives.  Think about what you are not happy with in your life at the moment and spend time in nature, which despite the snowy days, is blossoming and buds are on the trees showing the new life force energy.

As you know I love essential oils and when times are tricky I find Balance the perfect support for keeping me grounded.  Its is a combination of tree oils and roots so very fitting for this Equinox week.  Trees live in the present moment – they are not in a hurry and are stable – a good lesson for us to learn. Balance helps you connect with your roots and strengthens a connection with the lower body and with the earth –   it is particularly good for air signs like me who can overthink things mine is often like a washing machine that I can’t turn off!

Of course its very important to clear and let go in order to be able to create long lasting peace and happiness.   Don’t know about you but I have always found endings difficult particularly when loved ones pass over.   For me these last few months have been a real struggle which I wrote about in my last blog ‘New Year Notions’.   Now I feel I’ve gone through the sound barrier of loss and come out the other side  – made sense of it all and learnt to go with the flow more.

I’ve pleased to announce that I’ve learnt how to let go!   Having written about it last Autumn I decided to take my own advice and  have been tidying up my life – cutting out negativity  whether its clutter clearing outgrown possessions or even some people who are not on the same vibration as me, knowing that however hard I try sometimes you’re just meant to take a different train on the journey of life.  I’ve let them go and genuinely wished them well rather than harbouring any negative thoughts as I know this will just create stress in the body and ultimately health.   Maybe we’ll meet again but maybe not – what will be will be (my favourite mantra!).   I’ve also let go of having to be right and gosh does it make life easier.   That doesn’t mean I don’t stand up for myself. Having been a people pleaser most of my life this is not easy but I’ve learnt to put boundaries so I don’t get hurt.  Its so important to be you and to recognise the gifts you have been given.  When you try to fit in with what other people want you are compromising who you really are and ultimately you don’t feel happy.

The other thing I’ve been working hard on is gratitude.  Every morning and evening I thank the Universe for what  it gives me and the law of the universe says that what you give out you get back.  Its good to focus on allowing your life to flow and you will find things just fall into place.  So if you are feeling down and frustrated by life take some time to sit in nature and  reflect on all the good things in your life.  It can be as simple as being grateful for breathing, having food on the table, running water from the tap – maybe things we take for granted.   It really helps to lift you.    Its also useful to use an aromatic anchor with this ie. an essential oil that reminds you of how you feel so next time you smell it you will go back to that calm place.   I love Elevation – the oil of joy helping you to flow with life and formulated to overcome feelings of despair and hopelessness.   It combines powerful mood-stablising oils with joy-filled oils that evoke happiness.   It also helps you let go of lower energy vibrations and  raise your energy levels and inspire cheerfulness, brightness courage, relations, humour playfulness and fun – not a bad combination!

So there are a lot of new beginnings in my world this Spring.  We have had some big changes in our doTerra team some people have left and others have connected together in new teams.  The most exciting event is in April our leader Hayley Hobson is coming over from the USA on a roadshow around the UK to present Masterclasses in Essential Oils.   Hayley is an holistic health and life coach, 7 figure earner, author and sought-after speaker who will be in the UK straight off the back of speaking at Eric Worre’s ‘Most Power Women in Network Marketing’ in Vegas.   We have very lucky to have exclusive invitations just for our team and guests so if you would like to come along and hear from a leading expert in the work of essential oils then email me for a ticket –  I promise you you won’t be disappointed.

Hayley is a double presidential diamond which means she has reached the highest position twice – some feat!  She is a brilliant speaker and offers the most amazing free trainings if you are in her team.  Its a great time to join doTerra – its growing faster than Apple did and now has over 5 million people using doTerra essential oils as a natural alternative to health and wellness, supporting them physically and emotionally with the purest of essential oils – truly the ‘Gifts of the Earth’.

If you would like to hear Hayley offer her wisdom on how essential oils can help you there are a number of events all over the UK starting in London on 19th April.   I look forward to seeing  you.

Go to Events to find out more or contact me on 07956 924329 or annette@feelinggorgeous.co.uk



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