Travelling with Essential Oils

With the holiday season coming up its worth considering taking essential oils with you when you’re travelling.The Home Essentials Kit contains the top 10 essential oils – Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleucca (Tea Tree), Frankinsence, Breathe, Digestzen Deep Blue, On Guard and we are currently giving away a free keychain to everyone who buys a kit during June and July.  This kit contains many of the essential oils that will be useful on holiday. Starting from when you leave home the oils come into their own.   Do you have an early morning flight?  Well Peppermint will perk you up and keep you going till you get to your seat.    Its also very handy on the plane if you’re feeling headachy during the flight.


Breathe is a blend of oils that is perfect for clearing a stuffy nose which often happens during a flight which can be quite airless.  You can put it on the back of your neck or add a drop to your hands and inhale.  Also on the plane its worth inhaling On Guard another blend of oils that is great for boosting the immune system as well as keeping bugs at bay.  My husband used to come back with a cold after every flight until he used On Guard.

Once you arrive at your destination (hopefully hot and sunny!) you can also used Peppermint for cooling down.  A drop on the back of the neck does the trick and you can stay chilled and calm.  Deep Blue is great for rubbing on the shoulders or aches and pains from sitting so long.

So whilst on holiday you can use Lavender for soothing skin after a day out in the sun.  Its also worth taking a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil with you too and it helps dilute the oils and makes them last longer as well as spreading the oil over the skin.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is great for soothing minor skin irritations and Digestzen is perfect for soothing any upset tummies or if you’ve had a spot too much to drink (as if!)  On the same theme Lemon is great for taking in water in the morning to cleanse all your organs.   Frankinsence is perfect for the skin and taking drop on the tongue each morning to keep you healthy.

Additional great oils are Terrashield which can be used in the diffuser at night to reply bugs and you can also add it to your body lotion or suncream to reply bugs during the day.  Its also available in spray which is very easy to apply.   Travel size On Guard Toothpaste and Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner samples are available to save weight in your luggage.

You  can decant all of these oils into your key-chain so you save space and you can even take this in your on board bag as the bottles are only 1ml.   I’ve never had any trouble taking my oils through customs – everyone is usually intrigued and it makes everywhere smell nice!

There are many other uses for the 10 oils in the Home Essentials Kit and everyone who buys one will get a free ebook of 150 uses in addition to the free Keychain.

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