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One of the things I love most about doTerra is their humanitarian work in the world.   The whole essence of their business is service.  Not only do they offer their wellness advocates amazing support, free training  to grow their business and coaching to help their personal development,  but they also show you a way to achieve financial and time freedom.  They also offer you the opportunity to get involved with helping others so its a win win situation for everyone.

DoTerra source all their essential oils from all around the world in places where the plants and trees grows the best.   They work with local growers who are often cheated by middle men meaning they have to live in poverty.  DoTerra come in,  build new distilleries and give them regular fair salaries for the work they do so they can feed their families and feel happy in their work.

They also have another arm of their business that makes the whole thing more meaningful for me and I never found in the corporate world.  Its called Healing Hands Foundation that seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, so people can have lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.  Initially, this meant donating to charities, fundraisers, and community projects, but it eventually grew to be much more. The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation was created in June 2012 as an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The foundation is one of the ways doTERRA reaches out and serves communities in need. They do this by partnering with organisations and doTERRA Wellness Advocates to offer hope to millions around the world. Through the foundation’s efforts, lives are freed of disease and poverty, and communities are empowered with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

Sustaining the Foundation

As is common with many non-profits, maintaining a constant flow of money and resources can be difficult. In order to provide sufficient funds for the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, the founders of doTERRA conceived a plan to sustainably raise money for the new organization and maximise its effect on individuals and communities worldwide. Apart from direct financial contributions doTerra conceived another great way to raise funds  and here are two of them.

Rose Oil Lotion Sales

All proceeds of Rose Oil Lotion go directly to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

doTERRA chose Rose Oil Lotion as a product donation because of its unique value. This lotion is infused with Rose essential oil, which is known as the “Queen of essential oils.” Rose essential oil is a labor-intensive oil that requires the extraction of 193,333 rose petals from 60,000 roses to produce only 5 mL of essential oil.

Due to its many benefits and intense extraction process, Rose oil is rare and valuable. doTERRA chose this Rose oil infused lotion to donate and represent the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation because it embodies the value of the Foundation.  Price is £14.40.


Hope Oil Sales

All proceeds of the doTERRA Hope Blend go directly to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

The doTERRA Hope Blend was released at the 2016 doTERRA Convention, alongside the announcement that non-profit organisation Operation Underground Railroad (OUR Rescue) had been established as an official partner of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. OUR Rescue is dedicated to rescuing children around the world from sex trafficking and slavery. In 2016 alone, doTERRA donated $500,000 to the organization.

The blend was originally manufactured solely for OUR Rescue to distribute to at-risk children. The original oil label peeled-back to reveal a list of hotline numbers so that at-risk children could call for help.

Due to the high demand of the doTERRA Hope Blend at its release, however, it was determined that this blend would be available for individual sale as well. Although the blend was re-packaged for sale to remove the peel back feature, the original oil with the original label continues to be donated to OUR Rescue by doTERRA to promote the efforts of their organisation.

For more information about Operation Underground Railroad see my next blog but make sure you have some tissues ready – the stories are heart-breaking but thanks to doTerra things are changing.

If you would like to support these children by buying one of these products please email me at for more information or go to my website




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