Childless on Mother’s Day?

Can you feel gorgeous on mother's day if you don't have children?  Is it possible?  I can speak from experience - yes it is? I have longed to be a mother for the last 3 decades and felt all the things childless women feel - sadness, anger, grief, frustration, jealousy, loneliness, isolation and lack of [...]

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Volunteering at Home For All

Sitting here on a rainy, windy Saturday in March I think back to last week when I was in Lesvos volunteering at Home for All which I talked about in my previous blog.  It really was an amazing week albeit I had little idea of what I was going to experience apart from blogs by [...]

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Home for All

At the end of last year I went to a doTerra event where they told us about a project called Home for All - a project in Lesvos Greece where a wonderful man and his wife Nikos and Katerina who own a restaurant on the coast, have since 2014, been helping the refugees who have escaped [...]

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

This month I've been thinking a lot about homes and what they mean.   Our homes are very important and should be a safe and happy place, a foundation where you can relax and restore. During my visit to Tanzania last November I met my sponsor child who lived in a small mud hut with [...]

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All I want for Christmas

When I was young I had a dream of the perfect Christmas.  I wanted a beautiful home in the country with roses round the door, four children and lots of cats and dogs. The whole house would be decorated with a gorgeous tree, garlands up the stairs and along the fire place beneath which would be [...]

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Flying down to Kisiriri

So the day finally came on 10th November for my trip with World Vision to see my sponsor child Alyahaji in a rural community of Kisiriri in Tanzania. I had been so excited since I had been invited to go and apparently there were over 75 people who applied and only 8 of us were [...]

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Time Flies but you’re the Pilot

  I've been so busy over the last couple of months and when I looked at the last blog I did it was August - almost 2 months ago!    Since then I've had another birthday and can't believe how old I am but then again age is just a number and its all about [...]

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A Marriage Made in Heaven

On Friday I fell in love!  I never thought this would happen but yes I've fallen in love with cooking. I've never had much interest in it - eating yes but cooking no!  So when I went to see my friend Denise Hepburn on Friday she introduced me to something I now feel I can't [...]

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Dreams do come true

A very exciting thing has happened to me which I wanted to share with you all as its a bit of a dream come true. Some years ago I had a series of miscarriages and was never lucky enough to have a family of my own.  On top of that my 20 year old [...]

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Travelling with Essential Oils

With the holiday season coming up its worth considering taking essential oils with you when you're travelling.The Home Essentials Kit contains the top 10 essential oils - Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleucca (Tea Tree), Frankinsence, Breathe, Digestzen Deep Blue, On Guard and we are currently giving away a free keychain to everyone who buys a kit [...]

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