Childless on Mother’s Day?

Can you feel gorgeous on mother’s day if you don’t have children?  Is it possible?  I can speak from experience – yes it is?

I have longed to be a mother for the last 3 decades and felt all the things childless women feel – sadness, anger, grief, frustration, jealousy, loneliness, isolation and lack of purpose.

Over the years I’ve watched my friends have children and now grandchildren.  I’ve been in conversations with nothing to say (which if you know me is weird as I never stop talking!) feeling on the outside of so many gatherings.  Then you’d hear comments like ‘family is everything‘ ‘its the best job in the world being a mother

So does that mean if you don’t have a family you have nothing and no job?  No – as with many things its all how you take it and I’m happy to report there is still life without children!

This is what I’ve discovered after a lot of searching.   All of our experiences add up to make us who we are and whatever has happened to you you will have a mission and a purpose – its just about finding it.   Without children I  have a lot more money and time to do exactly what I want.   There’s a whole world out there to explore and its about finding your purpose and mission.  Since I ‘came out‘ of wanting to be a mother I’ve travelled to Egypt for Christmas/New Year with friends, visited my sponsor child in Tanzania and only recently been to help refugees in Lesbos where I played with children who have escaped war torn areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria.  (See previous blogs)

I started my own business Feeling Gorgeous – did masses of training courses and tomorrow am about to launch a new part of the business – watch this space!  I’m planning a series of children’s books and feel really excited about the next chapter of my life.

We all have a mission whether we have children or not and I specialise in helping people who are stuck in the same place I was.

I truly understand and I can help you find a new direction and purpose in your life so if this is you give me a ring on 07956 924329  or email me for a chat.

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