Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

When you tell people you can communicate with animals they either ask you if you bark or meow or call you Dr. Dolittle!

It’s not as odd as it seems although the hardest part is communicating what you do to humans! We all know how close we are to our pets – the unconditional love they show, but do they really have feelings and want to communicate their thoughts to us? Is there a whole other world that we are not aware of right under our nose? I know there is.

I trained in animal communication with James French who I was drawn to after seeing the wonderful videos of his work with animals. In order to get my certificate I had to work with many case studies which all helped me understand how valuable this work is for both the animal and his/her carer.


Animals communicate through their feelings and before language we all communicated this way and it is therefore impossible to lie to an animal. For example we may say “Oh I’m fine” but really you feel terrible – your animal will know. As an example of this I’m sure you’ve had moments when you have thought of someone and then they phone your, or you walk into a room and ‘know’ someone has had an argument, also animals who have somehow known when you are coming home after a holiday and the they were waiting at the door for you hours before you arrived – this is communicating through feelings. My cat for example when I was small always knew when I was ill in bed and would come and sit with me.

How I work


I receive a photograph of the animal I communicate with – a picture where I can clearly see their eyes. I sit quietly and connect with myself senses so I’m clearly in the present moment. Then I call the animal’s name and ask questions to make sure I have a connection. Words and pictures come into my head which is how the animals give me information. I can then ask any questions that the pet’s carer needs to know. Sometimes its about problems created from previous homes or, if they are rescue animals, knowing what has happened to them to create the problems they are experiencing. I can then give them distant healing or suggest ways for the carers to help them.

I often suggest crystals – animals love their gentle energies plus essential oils – see my previous post Animals and Essential Oils for more information.

If you would like to know more about animal communication do give me a call on 07956 924329 or email

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